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Hello. I'm Phil.

Phil Zuccarell

Hi, I'm Phil Zuccarell and my interest in computers began when I was young. My family had various personal computers and in high school I began tinkering around with programming. Upon graduation I attended the University of Toledo for a year before transferring to Owens Community College where I earned a degree in Computer Electronics. I first began working in the IT field in 1998 and have been serving the IT needs of local companies ever since.

When I'm not working on someone’s network I am usually busy enjoying life with my wife and 4 children. When time permits I love to kick back with a big bowl of ice cream and watch a good suspenseful movie. I am a big football and baseball fan and enjoy playing fantasy baseball, which I've been playing in some form or another since the early 1990s. I also love the outdoors. My wife and I enjoy scenic walks and bike rides. Our favorite vacation destinations are the beach, the Smokey Mountains, and Disney World.

I have over 17 years of professional IT experience over a broad range of technologies and industries. My primary responsibilities over those 17 years were to support all aspects of IT for customers who did not have an in-house IT person. These aspects included desktop support, application support, network infrastructure, internet connectivity, wireless, remote and branch office connectivity, virtual private networks (VPN), server installation and maintenance, and data center support. 

I have designed and maintained many different types of networks and have experience taking over and maintaining existing networks and well as designing and implementing new networks. I have supported companies with over 150 employees as well as those with under 10 and understand the unique needs of each. I have worked with many companies helping them grow from just a few users at one location to many users across multiple locations. I have worked with companies in many different industries including financial, medical, law, engineering, warehousing, and manufacturing. 

To support this wide range of companies requires expertise in many different technologies. My expertise includes common technologies like all Microsoft desktop operating systems, Microsoft office and other office applications, Microsoft Windows Server technologies, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server and other SQL server technologies, and various routers, switches, and firewalls. In addition to common software, I have experience in supporting the unique requirements that every company and industry has. This requires the ability to learn, adapt to, and understand the many different hardware and software packages unique to each company and industry.